How to Choose a Front Door Color for your Home

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Everyone wishes for a house that is welcoming and appealing from a first look, but not everyone can maintain the curb appeal they long for due to the time-consuming and costly nature of regular maintenance. If we told you that you could easily add to the appeal of your home by matching the colour of…

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The benefits of new basement windows

basement windows Toronto

If you live in a home with a basement, perhaps you’ve considered replacing your old basement windows. Older homes with basements tended to install basement windows that are quite an eyesore, and are very difficult to clean. Milano Windows and Doors offers replacement of your old basement windows, as well as installation of new ones.…

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How to Find the Best Company to Replace Your Windows and Doors

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Finding a company or a contractor to replace your windows in Toronto area, is always a difficult task in 2017. Professionals specializing in this area are hard to come by, while jacks of all trades are a dime a dozen. Before hiring a contractor, we recommend checking whether they are knowledgeable in window replacement. Preferably,…

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