6 Tips for Choosing the Right Entry Door

The front door of any home is an essential design feature. In most cases, it’s one of the first things people will notice when they see your property. The front door is a clever way to show your unique personality and sense of style. But there are many factors to consider when picking the right door for your home including the building materials and aesthetics.

The expert team at Milano Windows and Doors has compiled a list of essential tips that explain how to choose the right entry door for your house based on design preferences and your lifestyle.

Is replacing your front door worth it?

A new front door is never a bad investment for a home. It instantly upgrades your curb appeal to impress prospective buyers.

Also, depending on what type of the many exterior door styles you choose, a new door can improve security in your home.

And finally, whether it’s summer or winter, a new door can improve how efficiently your home retains heat or cold, possibly racking up big savings on your monthly utility bills.

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The front door

The entrance is an important part of every home.

The front door is the gateway to your home and it showcases your personality and lifestyle.

This area gives you the chance to add some character to your home with the door, lighting, hardware, and structural elements such as columns, planters, and shutters.

Choosing the right door can be overwhelming so arm yourself with a little bit of research and knowledge to be confident in your choice.

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Wood front door

Wood is a very popular choice amongst homeowners because there are so many ways to customize the design, style, and colour.

You can paint the door a solid hue to give that pop of color that projects your personal style.

Or you can opt for something more traditional like a stain that shows off the wood’s natural grain.

While wood doors offer a timeless look that’s pleasing to the eye, wood doors are also exposed to the elements and can become damaged over time by sun, rain, and snow.

They’re also not as energy-efficient compared to other competing materials.

Glass front door

Homes that are designed in the modern style are often well-suited for a glass door at the front.

With many stylistic frosted options available, privacy should never be a concern.

The best part of a glass door is all the natural light it lets into your entryway—it’s something that’s impossible not to love!

You also have to consider a lack of energy efficiency and the fact that they’re harder to keep clean from fingerprints or dirt.

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Fiberglass is quickly gaining popularity as a front door material because it’s strong, secure, aesthetically pleasing, and energy-efficient.

With fiberglass, you can easily emulate the look of a classic wooden door without the worry of moisture rotting your entryway.

The only major downside of fiberglass doors is that they can become dented over time and it’s nearly impossible to restore them to their former glory, whereas a wooden door can be sanded down and repainted every so often to fix imperfections.

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Wrought iron

These types of doors combine iron with other materials such as glass to create a very impressive-looking front door, but it won’t necessarily match every style of home on the market.

Carefully consider the overall aesthetic of your home before investing in this type of style.

Different Design Styles

When it comes to home door design, there are some styles that don’t work well with the overall design of the home. A modern glass door with straight lines might look pretty out of place on a rustic cabin made from stone.

Besides durability, security and efficiency there are other factors to consider as well. For example, if you have a dark hallway, a glass door could be the easiest solution to inject some more light into the space. And of course, think about resale value. A high-end door that goes well with your home’s general aesthetic could be easily made back depending on the buyers’ priorities and taste.

Here are some standard types of front doors for you to consider:

  • Rustic: This style of door is perfect for homes featuring more traditional exterior materials such as wood, stone, or brick. You’ll also see rustic-style front doors a lot on cabins and cottages.
  • Modern: A modern front entrance is all about straight, sleek lines. Alternative designs may incorporate the use of glass panes or raised panels.
  • Craftsman: The craftsman’s front door design is characterized as a single piece with sharp, clean edges.
  • Mediterranean: If you’re looking to converge the worlds of old and new, then the Mediterranean-style front door is the right choice for you. This type of door is usually defined by the presence of double doors under arches and popular woods used include mahogany and alder.
  • Traditional: The most popular door design with homeowners is traditional with the four-paneled Victorian available in every color you can imagine. This style of the door looks good on practically any home.

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There are many factors to consider when choosing a new front door, including your type of home, your personal taste in design, as well as your needs for security and energy savings. Now that you know all the different styles and types of front doors available, you can call the professional installers at Milano Windows and Doors.

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