Benefits of Tempered Glass Windows

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When it’s time to upgrade your windows, consider choosing the tempered glass. Not only are you increasing the level of security and safety in your home, but you are also increasing the lifespan of your windows. Tempered glass is made from strong glass with exceptional clarity. But how do you know if tempered glass is right for your home? These are some tips to help you see if you have tempered glass in your windows already. We will also review the advantages of tempered glass as a window option for your home.

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What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered window glass isn’t quite the same as traditional glass windows. Tempered glass is created using controlled thermal or chemical treatments that create a thicker, more durable glass that is ideal for homes. Sometimes referred to as safety glass, you can also find it used in car windows, glass tables, and even shower doors. Rather than creating sharp shards of glass when it breaks, tempered glass shatters into easy-to-clean up glass granules.

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How Do You Know If Your Window Glass Is Tempered?

There are several distinct elements of tempered glass that make it easy to identify. The most common are: 

Check for the Mark: Real tempered glass will have a manufacturer’s mark or bug. These provide verification of the name of the manufacturer as well as any other verification ID required to adhere to Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards. These marks can usually be found on the corner of the glass. If you are using a third party contractor or replacement company, get them to show you this mark to prove it is real tempered glass. 

Inspect the Edges: Another sure fire wire to prove whether or not tempered glass is genuine is the edges. If you run your hand along the edge, you should feel a smooth finish that is created during the heating process. Traditional glass will have rougher edges.

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Look For Scratches on the Surface: Surprisingly scratches are something you want to find on tempered glass. These tiny imperfects are from the melting process. Don’t worry you will still have exceptional clarity and won’t notice them even when standing up close. These are simply a sign that you are getting true tempered glass. 

Examine With Polarized Sunglasses: Want to see your tempered glass in a whole new light? Have a look at your windows while wearing polarized sunglasses. If you see spots or lines, then you know you are looking at the tempered glass. These were created by machine rollers during the heating process and are another sign that you have authentic tempered glass.

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What are the Benefits of Tempered Glass Windows?

There are lots of tempered glass benefits that not only make your home look great but also help deter intruders. Some of the benefits of tempered glass for windows include:

 It’s Safer in Case of Breakage: Despite your best efforts, sometimes a broken window happens. Luckily tempered glass makes cleaning up easy. Rather than large dangerous pieces that can easily cut fingers, the tempered glass breaks into tiny coarse pieces that can easily be swept up no matter if it was a baseball that hit the window or a rambunctious pet. Always use caution when cleaning up any broken glass as tempered glass for windows can still cause scratches if not handled correctly. 

Much Durable and Stronger Than Regular Glass Windows: You want a window that can stand up against impact, weather, and other debris. This means choosing glass that is strong and durable. Tempered window glass gives you the protection and strength you want in a window by protecting your home thanks to the thermal heating process used during manufacturing. Tempered glass should be your first choice if you live in an area that gets regular severe weather or is at risk of being struck by debris.

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It Enhances the Security of Your Property: The strength of tempered glass is also why it is a great deterrent to thieves and vandals. This thick, durable glass withstands minor impact and if broken doesn’t shatter, making it difficult to gain entry. 

Its Stability Makes It Heat-Resistant: Did you know that tempered glass can withstand temperatures of up to 470 degrees. This makes it the ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and sunrooms which can be expected to have prolonged heat exposure.

Versatile in Terms of Design and Creative Applications: Tempered glass is designed to withstand heat and impact which makes it one of the most versatile options for your home’s interior or exterior. It’s perfect for shower doors that use frameless construction as well as glass partitions. Tempered glass allows you to create a feeling of openness while still giving you the privacy you want.

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Available in Different Patterns: Tempered glass gives you elegant and refined design options to help elevate the look of your room. Some of the most popular design options include:

  • Clear
  • Colored
  • Frosted
  • Stained
  • Etched
  • Textured
  • Engraved

Your tempered glass window expert will help you find the best design for your living space. 

Superior Clarity and Quality: Tempered glass provides exceptional visual quality so you can enjoy the view without the risk of scratches or cracks. Tempered glass is ideal for high-traffic areas or spaces that may get repeated contact from things like tree branches or other debris.

How to Tell if your Windows Are Tempered Glass

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