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Getting your windows replaced is a big decision. You have to choose something that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Two of the most popular window types right now are casement and awning windows. But how do you know which one is right for you? This guide will go in depth covering the pros, cons, and major differences between casements windows vs awning windows. 

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What is a Casement Window?

Casement windows are becoming more and more popular for homeowners across Canada because of their easy-to-operate features and ventilation abilities? These windows have hinges on the sides that allow them to open left or right so you can direct airflow into your home and catch that beautiful breeze.

These windows open and close using a crank, which is the ideal situation for seniors or people living with mobility issues. They are most used in bathrooms or kitchens but can be installed in nearly every room in your home.

Also one of the most energy-efficient options, casement windows seal up extra tight because that cranking mechanism pushes the window firmly into the frame, minimizing the amount of hot or cold air that escapes your home depending on the season. 

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Casement Window Pros 

  • You can clean them from the inside
  • Very energy-efficient as they are engineered with tight seals 
  • Control ventilation and airflow anytime you want in most situations
  • Very easy to operate no matter age or ability
  • Easily elevates the value of your home and makes it more attractive for prospective buyers
  • A great alternative emergency exit that can be opened quickly with little effort
  • The perfect window for a wall that’s taller than it is wide
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Casement Window Cons 

  • The cranking mechanisms are easy to use but they don’t last forever. Chances are you will need to replace the hardware at some point 
  • Because these windows open out from the sides, they can potentially inhibit traffic on a patio or walkway near your home unless they’re placed high on the home 
  • Although they are easier to clean, casement windows tend to require more cleaning than other types of windows 
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What is an Awning Window?

Another type of window rapidly rising in popularity with homeowners is the awning style window, aptly named after its top hinge design allowing the window to swing outwards from the home. Maxed out at 45-degree angles typically, these windows are great for ventilation and letting fresh air into your home all year long.

Think about it: When it rains, you can keep your windows open to get the fresh air and listen to the rainfall, all without having to worry about water getting into your home. And just like casement windows that we just learned about, awning windows also use a crank system to open and close.

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Again, this uses a super tight seal to help you cut down on heating and cooling costs no matter the weather.

While ideal for walls that are wider than they are tall, awning windows can sometimes get in the way of outdoor living spaces because they push out away from the home. One major downside of the awning window is that it’s difficult to clean from the outside if it’s situated any higher than the ground floor.

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Awning Window Pros

  • Ability to increase the energy efficiency of your home 
  • Cut down on the cost of your monthly utility bills 
  • Gives you the most natural light without blocking any of your views 
  • Lets you ventilate your home even during a rainstorm without risking letting water into your home. 
  • Comes with a crank to easily open and close windows. 
  • Best for wide walls that are less tall.
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Awning Window Cons

  • Does not make a suitable emergency exit 
  • Window can get in the way of highly-used outdoor living areas 
  • Can’t clean the outside of the window from the inside of the home
  • Crank system to operate the window may not last forever and can be tricky to replace as well as find spare parts.

What is the Difference between Awning and Casement Windows?

Specifications Awning WindowsCasement Windows 
StyleTop hinge that opens the window at a 45-degree angle Open from hinges on the sides, allowing you to let in air from the left or right
Space RequirementsBest on walls that wider than they are tallBest placed on walls that are taller than they are wide 
FunctionalityCrank handle mechanism is very easy to use and opens the window at a 45-degree angle. The crank handle mechanism is very easy to use and opens the window at a left angle or right depending on the wind. 
Energy-EfficiencyAirtight seals get high-efficiency results for your home and energy costs.Airtight seals get high-efficiency results for your home and energy costs.
VentilationVentilation for your home all year long, no matter the weather as the awning-like position of the window protects from rainVentilation direction can be selected as windows move left or right.
CleaningImpossible to clean the outside of the windows from the inside of the home. Must be on lower floors only unless you’re willing to use a ladder. Easy to clean inside and outside from the inside comfort of your home! 
MaintenanceAlthough easy to use, the crank handle mechanism is likely to break after an extended period of time and will need to be replaced. Although easy to use, the crank handle mechanism is likely to break after an extended period of time and will need to be replaced. 
SafetyHas a multi-point locking design but is not useful in emergency situations. Has a multi-point locking system and can be used as a fire exit in an emergency. 
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How to Choose Between Casement Windows vs Awning Windows:

Picking the right style of window for your home is a big decision. It requires you think about your space, your lifestyle, budget, energy savings and your preference when it comes to functionality.

Think about the following:

Do I need to be able to clean my windows from the inside?
Is my wall wider than it is tall or taller than it is wide?
Will opening the window to the outside get in anybody’s way or restrict my enjoyment of my outdoor living space?
Do I need these windows to be suitable emergency exits in case of a fire?

Window Installation Near You

Now that you know the difference between casement and awning windows, you have the knowledge you need to make the choice that’s right for your home and your family. If you’re still not sure what to do, you can always call up the window installation pros at Milano Windows and Doors for some friendly advice and expert installation. Call us today to set up your free consultation.

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