What Questions to Ask Window Installers

windows and doors replacement toronto

Installing or replacing your windows is a bigger project than you may think and ultimately it is one that’s best left up to the professionals. When you look into hiring a window installer for your window installation or your window replacement there are questions to ask when buying replacement windows and hiring. Let us dive…

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Window Replacement Cost

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Replacing windows is something every property owner must do from time to time. But let’s face it, the cost of replacing windows in Toronto can be high, especially if you have to replace windows in more than one room. That’s why taking the time to find a window company that sells affordable window replacement can…

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Windows and Doors: All You Need to Know

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Despite being maintained well, at some point, the windows and doors in your home will need to be replaced. This is due to the weather elements, general wear and tear and the age of the windows and doors. And with so many companies that offer window and door installation in Toronto, it can be quite…

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Energy-Efficient Rebates on Windows and Doors

windows and doors installation

Upgrading your windows and doors can be pricey but the benefits easily outweigh the replacement costs. Energy-efficient windows and doors will lower your energy bills because they properly regulate your home’s temperature. Installing new windows and doors will also improve the aesthetic look and financial value of your house.

How to Weatherproof Your Doors and Windows?

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Weatherproofing your home will not only improve the indoor climate and your level of comfort but will also reduce your electricity bill. So this winter season, take some time to inspect your house inside and out, paying extra attention to the air points of entry such as windows and doors. The following guide will teach…

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Window Buying Guide

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Replacing your windows periodically offers a host of benefits to homeowners. Not only can they give your home a fresh new look and appeal, the benefits of new windows include it can go a long way in adding value to your home and reducing your energy costs.

Vinyl Windows Vs Aluminum Windows

windows and doors replacement toronto

When shopping for windows, homeowners have two choices: vinyl or aluminum. The style you choose for your home depends primarily on what you are looking for in window frames and what you consider important. Choosing the right windows for your home makes a huge difference in the appearance and function of your space. Beautifully designed…

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Front Door Replacement for Homeowners

Solid front entry door Toronto

A large portion of your house’s curb appeal depends on its exterior doors. Doors aren’t just pathways that get you in and out of the house; they also reflect who you are. You can tell what type of homeowner lives in a house by simply looking at their exterior doors. Therefore, many property owners invest…

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Do You Need a Permit to Replace Windows?

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No matter how big the scale of your renovation is, if you are contemplating any alteration to your home, you have to get the information about all the permits involved. When it comes to replacing windows, specifically, you might think permits are not needed due to how minimal replacing a window initially presents. But are…

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What Is an Egress Window?

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The role of an egress window is to serve as an emergency exit for the building occupants in case of a fire or any other emergency. Since safety is a primary concern, the requirements for this specific type of window are very strict. Local building codes define egress windows by their sizes and location although…

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