Front Door Replacement for Homeowners

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A large portion of your house’s curb appeal depends on its exterior doors. Doors aren’t just pathways that get you in and out of the house; they also reflect who you are. You can tell what type of homeowner lives in a house by simply looking at their exterior doors. Therefore, many property owners invest…

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Do You Need a Permit to Replace Windows?

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No matter how big the scale of your renovation is, if you are contemplating any alteration to your home, you have to get the information about all the permits involved. When it comes to replacing windows, specifically, you might think permits are not needed due to how minimal replacing a window initially presents. But are…

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What Is an Egress Window?

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The role of an egress window is to serve as an emergency exit for the building occupants in case of a fire or any other emergency. Since safety is a primary concern, the requirements for this specific type of window are very strict. Local building codes define egress windows by their sizes and location although…

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windows?

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When considering window replacement, expenses are the main concern for most people. If you are ready to replace your windows, you need to be aware of the project scope and its actual costs, so that you have an idea about what to expect in terms of prices. Generally speaking, window replacement projects cover either all…

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How to Secure Your Home without Costly Alarm System

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Home security has become a serious concern in recent years. While some GTA residents invest in state-of-the-art alarm systems, a lot of people are looking for lower-budget home security ideas that will simply minimize potential risk. After all, people do not keep valuables in their homes anymore, and many find it that installing an alarm…

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When Is the Best Time to Replace Windows and Doors?

It is usually in the winter when you notice your windows and doors are letting cold air inside the house. Although there might be some other reasons why a room might feel too cold, from inadequate wall or attic insulation to poor air exchange in the ducts, a simple test will help you identify the…

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Should I Repair or Replace My Windows?

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When deciding whether you would like to repair a window or to replace it entirely, it is important to take into account the benefits that you will receive from either process. To have a damaged or aging window repaired will understandably be the more cost-effective of the two solutions, and is more practical when removing…

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The Future of Windows: Solar Powered, Energy Generating

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While this new development might be hectic for us window and doors companies, we admit that this is probably the most interesting thing we’ve read all week. Interesting enough to make us write an article about it, for sure. Recent news sources picked up on developments and Michigan University, which suggest that a new generation…

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5 New Trends in Stylish Front Door Decoration

Believe it or not, your front entry door says a lot about your home’s style and interior. Your front entry door presents your guests with their first look, and first impression of your home. With an up-to date entrance, your home’s curb appeal goes up, and those first impressions are made in the positive. We…

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