How Much Does It Cost to Replace Windows?

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When considering window replacement, expenses are the main concern for most people. If you are ready to replace your windows, you need to be aware of the project scope and its actual costs, so that you have an idea about what to expect in terms of prices.

Generally speaking, window replacement projects cover either all the windows in the house or all the windows in a single floor. Nevertheless, most contractors will offer you special deals the more windows you decide to replace and install in your home.

What Do You Need to Look for When Replacing Windows?

Shopping for windows is an exciting step seeing as there are a lot of modern window designs and varieties out there to choose from. When people look for window replacements, they are searching for a product that is durable, has great structure, and aesthetic appeal. So, it is essential to keep in mind the following window features:

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  • High-quality frames that will not rust, warp, or peel over time
  • Choice of colors for the frames
  • Double panes to lower energy loss and soundproof your home
  • Easy to open and close
  • Shatterproof glass
  • Window Replacement Process

Now that you have found the perfect replacement windows, it is time to hire a skilled window installation expert. This step is important because it will guarantee your old windows are properly replaced and the new ones are correctly installed.

For the most part, the whole window replacement project will take 4 to 6 weeks to complete after you have hired a window installation team. It is the contractor’s responsibility to take window measurements and check whether the new windows immaculately fit into their slots. If the new windows are going in the pre-existing window frame, the whole process will, of course, take less time and cost less money.

Additionally, the contractor’s responsibility when installing home windows is to remove and dispose of old windows and replace unusable older frames. Although the initial window replacement price estimate may be quite accurate, it is only when the old frame is taken apart the contractor might see the full scope and cost of work.

City of Toronto’s building permit guidelines

According to the City of Toronto’s building permit guidelines, you will need a permit to replace your windows in cases where there will be structural or material alterations such as:

  • Enlarging an existing window opening
  • Changing the location of a window
  • Altering the shape of an existing window opening
  • Installing a new window where there were none before

Home Window Replacement Costs

On average, the cost of replacing a window is anywhere between $300 and $700. Obviously, it is a rough average that is based on the type and size of the windows. Generally, to replace windows in a typical one-storey home—say, with three bedrooms and approximately 10 windows—, the total window replacement costs will range from $3,000 up to $7,000. In a two-storey house, however, you can expect the price to double.

Factors that Affect the Cost to Replace Windows

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Although it can be tricky to calculate window replacement costs, there is a number of factors that go into the overall calculation:

  • The condition of the existing frame
  • The type and size of windows installed —double-hung windows, single-hung windows, sliding windows or casement windows
  • Exterior elements such as window awnings and window frames
  • The overall size of the project and the number of windows to replace
  • Alterations to the pre-existing frame and new window cut-in

Although the cost of an average window replacement project can be substantial, it is beneficial in the long run. With the variety of window designs and features on the market, replacing your windows means cutting down on your energy bills, making your home soundproof and safe, and adding value to your house, should you wish to sell it in the future. Contact us to get a FREE estimate on your window installation cost.