Marvin Infinity Windows: Replacement Windows Built for Life

For homeowners accustomed to high-quality wood windows and their heritage look, the Marvin Family of Brands has come up with a truly ultimate product: Fiberglass Infinity by Marvin. When Infinity windows were first designed, both the look and function were important in the creation process. Indeed, where else you will find a product that meets the highest design standards as well as functionality?

Infinity by Marvin came to life as an innovative concept for window replacements in traditional homes, where the owners, for decades, have enjoyed the craftsmanship of traditional wooden windows. Unfortunately, wood has its age limit and is bound to naturally deteriorate with time.

Marvin Infinity window frames are designed with Ultrex Fiberglass, which is the strongest and most durable material on the window market to date. It combines extreme durability under stress and allows flexibility to craft the window frames with precision, both of which necessary for replacement windows. This superior material makes all the difference in Infinity from Marvin.

Infinity From Marvin: The True Artisan Touch

Another impressive feature of Infinity Windows is EverWood, a wooden interior window finish. Although it feels and looks like genuine wood, this is, in fact, engineered wood, which perfectly mimics the appearance of wood and can withstand the test of time.

EverWood can also be finished to exactly match the woodwork stain in your home. It simply grants a warm rustic feel with very minimal maintenance.

Why Use Marvin Infinity Windows?

Marvin has put so much thought into the design of its replacement window line, so much so that they have successfully created products with unprecedented quality. The materials used, ingenious construction, and workmanship guarantee:

  1. Durability: The lifelong durability and low maintenance of Infinity Fiberglass Ultrex make the brand stand out among replacement fibreglass windows available today.
  2. Consistency: Although the materials in Infinity windows allow for incredible flexibility and infinite custom options, the product is always consistent in its quality. It always offers a reliable choice for window contractors.
  3. Longevity – Unlike original wood windows that have that one of a kind craftsman appeal, Infinity windows. Marvin infinity windows:
    • are warp-free
    • will not peel over time
    • will not bend
    • are crackproof
    • withstand weather elements, temperature changes, and humidity fluctuations
    • will not require refinishing in the near future
  4. Heritage look: Homeowners do not have to choose between an upscale aesthetic and a classic heritage look for their windows anymore because Marvin Infinity windows simply combine both.

Energy Efficiency: Save Energy with Marvin Infinity Windows

Just when you think Marvin has covered every detail when designing Infinity windows, here comes another bonus: energy efficiency. The company that cares for the quality of their product could not do it otherwise.

Although Infinity Windows come in a variety of glass options, they all exceed energy-efficiency standards. The ingenious use of fibreglass for window frames and the way the glass tightly fits into the frame means they will undoubtedly endure temperature fluctuations. This outstanding feature will guarantee you save money on your next heat bill.

As with all great products on the market, the features of Marvin Infinity fibreglass windows raise industry standards. It takes commitment to perfect a product, for sure. And Marvin’s incredible passion for design and vast knowledge of the perfect window criteria make Infinity windows a worthy investment. Contact us for a free quote on Marvin windows installation in Toronto and across the GTA.