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How to Weatherproof Your Doors and Windows?

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Weatherproofing your home will not only improve the indoor climate and your level of comfort but will also reduce your electricity bill. So this winter season, take some time to inspect your house inside and out, paying extra attention to the air points of entry such as windows and doors. The following guide will teach you how to weatherproof your windows and doors for winter.

When inspecting your house for possible energy loss, mind your house’s exposure to the sun and dominant winds. The areas that are often subjected to dire weather conditions like these will require your extra attention. This is because cracks and gaps will inevitably develop between, windows and their surrounding brick wall.

House Weatherproofing Techniques

photo of front door with snow - window replacement ajax
  • Sealing around windows and doors
  • Adding window shutters, blinds, or curtains
  • Replacing windows and doors
  • Adding attic insulation
  • Waterproofing and insulating basement and house foundation

While some weatherproofing measures can turn into big home improvement projects, there are some efficient DIY steps you can follow. An easy way to do so is to simply caulk and seal drafty windows with a window gap filler.

Caulking Windows and Doors

high end bow window - window replacement newmarket

When you are sealing window and door frames, it is important to choose the right caulking for the project. There are currently 3 main types of exterior window caulk on the market to choose from:

  • Silicone caulk (or a mix of silicone and latex) is waterproof, very flexible, and shrink-proof with a life expectancy of 20 years after application. It is clear when it dries but tends to have a strong odour after immediate application.
photo of a house covered in snow - window replacement woodbridge
  • Polyurethane caulk is more commonly used for sealing windows and doors. It is expected to last 10 to 20 years. Polyurethane expands as it dries perfectly filling door and window gaps. Polyurethane caulks can also be painted over which makes them a fantastic window sealer for most projects.
  • Butyl rubber, oil-based, or resin-based caulks are less expensive than the previous two types of window and door sealant, but they offer much less flexibility and do not last that long.

Things to Keep in Mind When Caulking Windows and Doors

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Start Fresh

Before applying the new caulk, it is important to remove the old layer with caulk remover gel. The old caulk hardens and becomes brittle with time and traps moisture beneath, which can host humidity and mold. Remove it completely and clean the area with rubbing alcohol before a new application.

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Mind the Gap

Another important aspect of caulk application is the size of the crack in the door or window. If the crack is more than half an inch, use a backer rod to fill the gap instead of filling it with caulk. It is also essential to even out the window caulk surface after application; not only does it look more professional, but it also makes the window seal less vulnerable. In addition, it minimizes the risk of unwanted mould growth.

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Brick House

If you are caulking windows in a house with a brick exterior, you have to use caulk that is clear when it dries. Silicone caulk is a good example. The trick here is to get as little caulk as possible on the brick surface. You will need a good dispenser gun for this project so that it would distribute the caulk around the window evenly.

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Read ‘Em and Weep

If your house is fairly new and there are trim boards around the windows or doors attached on top of the siding, you should not caulk the gaps in between. Windows like these have openings called weep holes. A weep hole is a small opening that lets water out of the windows so that they do not collect moisture. In this case, weep holes should not be sealed nor caulked because they serve a purpose in the overall structure of the window.

markham bow windows installation

Window Sill Sealant

Another significant area to pay attention to when sealing or resealing a window is an exterior windowsill. A windowsill mainly diverts the water from the wall beneath the window. The windowsill might also develop gaps over time, mostly in 2 areas: between the window and windowsill, and between the concrete slabs or bricks that make up the windowsill. When you are caulking, make sure you take care of these areas too.

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At the end of the day, it is critical to check the structure of your doors and windows. In some cases, a window or door seal would defeat their intended purpose and cause costly damage. Although caulking windows and doors seems like an easy DIY project, contact a door and window expert for a professional opinion. An expert can give you  with many benefits not just for your house, but on your hydro bills, as well.

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Front Door Replacement for Homeowners

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A large portion of your house’s curb appeal depends on its exterior doors. Doors aren’t just pathways that get you in and out of the house; they also reflect who you are. You can tell what type of homeowner lives in a house by simply looking at their exterior doors. Therefore, many property owners invest in new doors. But before we talk about front door replacement, it’s essential to learn about when you need to install a new door.

Reasons to Get a Front Door Replacement

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As experts in exterior residential doors, we recommend replacing yours as soon as you see the following signs:

  • Your front door doesn’t close or open properly
  • You notice drafts around your doors
  • Your door gets stuck
  • Breaks, scratches, and visible damage to your door
window replacement

If this is the case, it’s time to replace your doors. Entry doors shape your house’s identity. While the main function of an entry door is to provide privacy and security to the house’s occupants, they contribute to the appearance of your home. Homeowners can transform the exterior of their property simply by replacing an old door with a new one.

The Benefits of a Front Door Replacement

Many homeowners stall a new door installation. If you think your door can last 5 more years, think again. Installing a new entry door comes with the following benefits:

8 glass panels double door


A drafty door can cost you a lot of money on utility bills. If your door isn’t properly insulated, heat will escape and cold air will trickle inside in the winter, and vice versa in the summer. As a result, you need to turn your heater or AC on for longer to keep the house’s temperature exactly how you like it.

wooden door with two glass side panels

Ease of Use

One of the most common problems with old doors is that the hinges no longer work or the door doesn’t close easily. While the solution to this problem can be a simple lubricant application, sometimes door hinges are damaged beyond repair. Nonetheless, this kind of damage is natural since elements of wear and tear inevitably affect the quality of the door. Installing a new door spares you the trouble of damaged hinges. As a result, opening and closing your front door is no longer a hassle.

Bright red double front door Canada

Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to functionality, a front door replacement enhances your home’s appearance. We offer a wide range of designs, styles, and colours, so you can match your exterior doors to the overall design of your property. A new entry door comes with many advantages that make it a worthy investment. A beautiful entry door will raise the value of your property and will make the right first impression on potential buyers if you decide to sell your home.

Front Door Replacement Upgrades

  • Durable Door Slab – Steel door slabs are tough and sturdy. They also come in a wide range of colours so you can easily customize them to suit your house’s exterior.
  • Weather-Stripping – Weather-stripping preserves your house’s energy. The latest weatherstripping technologies in entry doors preserve your house’s temperature, by preventing the cool air to escape in the summer and the cold air to trickle inside in the winter.
  • Insulated Threshold – The thresholds on our doors are designed to be draft-proof. A well-insulated threshold saves energy because it traps heat inside the house in the winter and doesn’t allow cold air to escape in the summer.
  • Modern Door Frames – With a solid structural door frame, modern door frames are now made to stand the test of time. Steel is also one of the best materials to use for doors because it’s weather-resistant and fully recyclable.
  • Sturdy Door Handle – Handles are the most used part in a door. Daily use causes them to peel, rust, loosen or even break. However, we install high-quality door handles made of materials that do not corrode or deteriorate.
  • Transom for More Light – Transoms are glass panes that sit on top of the door slab. They help bring more light into the room. Although transoms are an optional feature, they can add a lot of overall appeal of your entry door.
  • Sidelights – Our entry doors come with either a single sidelight on one side of the slab (right or left) or two sidelights on each side. Sidelights provide a better view of the outdoors and add light to your house, too.
Photo of Custom Home

If you’re looking for a front door replacement, there are many options on the market to choose from. Consult a professional entry door installation service to learn about the factors to consider before you buy a new door for your house.

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How to Secure Your Home without Costly Alarm System

front porch enclosure

Home security has become a serious concern in recent years. While some GTA residents invest in state-of-the-art alarm systems, a lot of people are looking for lower-budget home security ideas that will simply minimize potential risk. After all, people do not keep valuables in their homes anymore, and many find it that installing an alarm system creates more inconvenience to home residents than to the thieves.

Take a good look at your house and answer these simple questions to assess theft risks:

windows and doors mississauga

Is your house in the busy part of the city or a more secluded area?

  • Do you travel often?
  • Would you say your area is generally safe to live in?
  • Is your routine predictable?
  • Are you aware of frequent break-ins in the area?
  • Are there any side windows and doors in your house that are hidden from view?
  • Are the doors or windows clearly visible to neighbours? Or are they obstructed by some landscaping feature?

How Can You Secure Your Home without an Alarm?

It is no secret that burglars break into houses through doors and windows, and in rare cases, through a garage door entry. If it looks like it will take more time to break into the house or it will create too much noise, most burglars will simply not bother. Securing your doors and windows will, pretty much, win the battle.

Burglar-Proof Doors

Burglar-Proof Doors

Burglar-proofing your doors is a wonderful way to guarantee the safety of your house and your loved ones. Try out the following tips and tricks for secure, impenetrable doors:

Secure Your Home
  • Install a deadbolt lock that can only be opened with a rotating key, making entry a lot more difficult.
  • If there is a glass panel on a door, make sure it is shatterproof or reinforced with metal decorative elements that will prevent the glass from easily breaking.
  • Do not leave a spare door key under the doormat. Burglars know where to look and leaving a key under the mat means you are giving them your belongings on a silver platter.
  • Replace the lock with a keyless entry lock.
  • Always make sure to lock the backyard gate.
triple glass window replacement

Burglar-Proof Windows

Home security experts recommend paying extra attention to first-level and basement windows because they are at a higher risk of being broken through by burglars. The following are some methods you can use to secure your windows:

man carrying a window
  • Do not leave any windows open when you leave the house.
  • Make sure your windows are shatterproof and cannot be easily broken into.
  • Consider installing double-pane windows as they are more secure than single-pane ones.
  • Use horizontal planks to deadbolt the windows on the ground floor.

Cheap Home Security Ideas

When you theft-proof your house, remember that burglars are looking for quick and quiet entry opportunities, and they prey on empty houses. They will never risk it if they are not absolutely certain the house is empty. However, there are some easy and inexpensive ways in which you can trick burglars into thinking your house is one to avoid:

Home Security Ideas
  • Keep your cars in the garage; it makes it difficult for the potential burglars to figure out your routine.
  • Stick a “Beware of dog!” sign by the back and front door. Even the prospect of potential noise will be enough to scare thieves away.
  • Install a few fake surveillance cameras around your property to give the illusion your house is constantly monitored.
  • When you leave the house, turn the radio or TV on; it will create the impression that someone is in the house.
custom home with amazing windows by milano windows & doors
  • Install spotlights in dark areas of the garden.
  • Install motion-activated lights by the back or side doors.
  • Use curtains and blinds, and keep them closed on the first floor to prevent potential burglars to peek in and assess your valuables.
window installation

If you travel frequently or when you go away for a long time, home security experts advise the following:

  • Make sure your mail does not pile up on the doorstep because that is a tell-tale sign there are no occupants in the house.
  • Make sure your grass is cut in the summer and the snow plowed in winter while you are away.
  • Do not leave your garbage bin outside for the entire time you are out of the house.
  • Leave a couple of lamps in the house on timer mimicking your usual routine.
  • Have a designated person check up on your house every once in a while to make it seem like there is activity in your property.

These simple steps will not only add peace of mind but will help you secure your windows and doors. You can now burglar-proof your house without breaking the bank and having to and disarm annoying alarm every time you step out to grab a package. If you want to upgrade your existing doors or replace your windows with more secure ones, contact windows and doors installation experts in the GTA.

Photo of Security System - front door replacement

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When Is the Best Time to Replace Windows and Doors?

Photo of Building

It is usually in the winter when you notice your windows and doors are letting cold air inside the house. Although there might be some other reasons why a room might feel too cold, from inadequate wall or attic insulation to poor air exchange in the ducts, a simple test will help you identify the problem if it is not obvious enough.

Say you suspect a drafty window but do not know exactly which window or door it is, attempt the following: hold a burning incense stick or candle close to the problem windows and look at the smoke. If it starts fluttering or trembling, the window does, in fact, let the cold air in. Another obvious problem is when the windows show excessive condensation on the glass.

When Should You Think of Replacing Windows and Doors?

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You expect your windows’ performance to naturally deteriorate over time, but there are specific signs it is time for window replacement:

  • Excessive heat loss
  • Cracked, rotten, or warped window panes
  • Excessive condensation buildup between the panes
  • Visible leaks, most noticeable after strong directional rain
    If the window or door does not close properly
window installation

Overall, the house may lose over 10% of its heat through drifty windows. At -17°C outside—assuming the temperature in the house is around 20°C—, the temperature of the glass surface inside should measure around 6°C for regular windows and 13°C for high-efficiency windows.

When Is the Best Time to Replace Your Windows

Modern 8 panel window

Most replacement projects roughly take 6 to 8 weeks from the date of signing the contract until complete installation. Since the projects usually cover all the windows and doors replacement, or at least, one side of the house, as you would want the styles of windows and colors of the frame to be consistent it does require a longer production part and preparation.

Traditionally windows and door replacement projects are scheduled between April and May. Usually at that time, the weather is warm enough to start the project, and clients still remember how uncomfortable it was during the winter months.

3 panel window painted black

Another reason is that window and door replacement could only be a part of a bigger renovation project, and it is usually scheduled earlier in the season to be completed by fall or before the winter.

Sometimes, if you sign the contract before the season starts, you can get an advantage of an early-bird discount. That works great both for clients and contractors! The clients get the guaranteed lower price, and contractors are able to optimize production and installation.

Take Advantage of Off-Season Prices!

double door one glass panel

If you have not made the plans to replace the windows at the beginning of the year, there is still plenty of time to do it later. In fact, there is quite a few advantages to that! First of all, you are getting better pricing for replacing windows and doors during the slower colder seasons of the year. Secondly, because contractors are not inundated by work during the off-season, they are not in a rush to complete the project and you can rest assured they will take care of your window and door replacement project.

windows installation Mississauga

Luckily, modern technology and materials allow to expand the installation time almost throughout the year. Window installations can be effectively performed when the temperature outdoor is as low as -20°C (including the windchill factor). Although the vinyl in the windows is made to withstand much lower temperatures, it does become more brittle and there is a higher risk of cracks during the installation process.

Replacing windows and doors is a major project and it does require careful planning in advance. If you are unsure about when it is best for you to take on window and door replacements, contact a window contractor to get an idea of the most convenient time of year to replace your doors and windows.

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Spook Up Your Halloween with These Amazing Entry Door Ideas

halloween entry door 2

Whether it’s the crazy costumes or the themed parties, Halloween is a lot of people’s favourite holiday. If you are one of these people who like to be creative and go all out during this time of year, then you already know that decorations are the perfect way to add an eerie atmosphere to your neighbourhood.

With these fabulous ideas, turning your house into a creepy destination is a simple task. You can rest assured you will be the neighbourhood’s main attraction, so stock up on candy and enjoy the festivities.

Quick and Easy Entry Door Halloween Ideas

spider entry door 1

Nothing says Halloween better than spooky entry door decorations. With the following ideas, you can be sure your home will be the pitstop to many trick-or-treaters throughout the evening.

entry door spooky eyes 3

An Eye for an Eye

It’s said that eyes are the window to the soul, and this simple design shows just how creepy yours can be.

What makes this idea so brilliant is that eyes are super expressive. Cut some eyes out of cardboard, colour them, and slap onto your door for a scary effect. If you’re looking to elevate this design, however, you may use googly eyes or eyeballs in different sizes and attach them to your entry door for a 3d effect. You can even add eyebrows to the eyes to make them more emotive and realistic.

Entry Door Halloween Ideas


This design is a Halloween staple. Inspired by Ancient Egyptian tradition and featured in many scary movies, mummies have been a source of horror for many.

If you are in a pinch and in need of a quick design, mummifying your entry door is the way to go. All you need for this idea is a lot of tape or shredded paper. You don’t need to be particularly neat with this one; simply stick the tape or paper from one side of the door frame to the other, add some eyes, and create the full mummy effect.

Photo of Halloween decor spider

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Most people get chills at the sight of spiders, which makes this design an all-time Halloween classic.

In order to execute this DIY idea, all you’ll need to do is to create decagons using either tape or yarn and stick them to your front door in spirals. Next, you’ll need to connect the decagons’ angles with straight lines to finish off this arachnid spookfest.

No cobweb is complete without spiders, of course! Take your design to the next level by adding spiders into the mix. You may buy ready-made spiders from any Halloween store, or, if you have the time, you can make some at home.

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5 New Trends in Stylish Front Door Decoration

Photo of Custom Home

Believe it or not, your front entry door says a lot about your home’s style and interior. Your front entry door presents your guests with their first look, and first impression of your home. With an up-to date entrance, your home’s curb appeal goes up, and those first impressions are made in the positive. We realize that door styles are never going to change drastically, but newer, more refined door styles and colouring trends are always a facet of modern home design. We’ve found some of the newest trends, and assembled them here to keep you up to date. Get inspired!

Bright red double front door Canada

Mix Colour and Texture 

Mono-texture and single colour is out, and playful decoration is in. This red, double entry door blends lively colour with ornate designs and textures for an entry door which pops. Iron gilding and opaque glass make for a unique, cleverly decorative design which seamlessly integrated simplicity and traditional flair into a single doorway.

Amazing Front Door Installation By Milano Windows and Doors

Use Irregular Windows

Oversized, irregularly shaped windows add a sense of relaxation and ease to your entranceway, and suggest that this person isn’t afraid of trying something out. This doorway combined geometric patterning and oval-shaped glass with a plain white backdrop for a classic, elegant doorway with a playful, different window design.

double door one glass panel

Double Up on Impact

Classic, toned wood paired with a regal arching slope and gilded, the ornamental design makes for your typical traditional door. What this homeowner has done is double up on the impact by installing a doorway shaped window above their entranceway. This allows extra sunlight to enter the room and creates a distinct, heavy and ornate style which suits this large home well. Installing a window above your door creates this refined look, and doubles the impact your doorway creates while letting light into your entranceway and home.

window replacement

Include Art in the Form of Stained Glass

A modern take on stained glass windows infuses your home with energy and creates an ephemeral, creative first impression. For traditional, high-end homes, this kind of ornamentation can be the perfect way to distinguish your doorway from the other homes on the block. Take a look at this luxury doorway we installed, featuring stained wood, alternating opaque and clear glass, and ornamental stained-glass designs.

three quarters wooden door

Ultra-Modern Paneling

Pair black and white with backlit glass, and you have yourself a contemporary door with a stylish edge. In this entranceway, we’ve paired an asymmetrical design with regular, square glass panels accented with opaque stripes to add to the home’s privacy and accent the doorway. Pair this doorway with modern homes and outdoor lighting for a unique take on design. With a doorway this classic, it might also be an interesting idea to play with various colour to accent your home’s exteriors. For those wanting some extra flair, consider painting your doorway a bright primary colour.

Why Choose Milano Windows and Doors Inc?

Double door

Milano Windows and Doors is a GTA based company serving Toronto, Vaughan, Maple, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Scarborough, Mississauga, Brampton and further. We specialize in window and door installations and repairs, installing high-quality window and door products such as vinyl windows, steel and fiberglass entry doors, interior doors, porch enclosures and patio doors. Contact our company today for energy-efficient window and door products, as well as style advice and ideas from the expert window and door installation professionals. Browse through our product catalogue now, or visit our website to learn more.

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How to Choose a Front Door Colour for Your Home

Bright red double front door Canada

Everyone wishes for a house that is welcoming and appealing from a first look, but not everyone can maintain the curb appeal they long for due to the time-consuming and costly nature of regular maintenance. If we told you that you could easily add to the appeal of your home by matching the colour of your door to your home’s exterior, would you be able to pick a colour immediately? If not, then read on, because we’ve assembled some of the best tips to help you choose the colour of your front door to best accentuate the style of your home. Whether you have a wooden, metal, plastic or Plexiglass door, the correct colour can do wonders to the look of your home. No matter the type of door you have, a new coat of paint can be matched to work with the outside of your home. A layer of paint could be your key to creating a modern, unique front door design. Designers have a few tips and tricks up their sleeves that will help you out:

Choose a Door Colour that Works with Your Home’s Exterior

8 glass panels double door

If you’ve ever seen a red brick home with a pink door, you know of the faux-pas that some people commit when trying to find a unique door colour. Use colour theory to determine what will work for you. If your home’s exterior is made of red brick, stick to shades that will bring out and complement the other tones present in your home’s exterior, like a creamy white or beige. Coordinating with your home’s other accents is also always a good idea to create a cohesion to the look of your home, starting with your front door.

Do Not Be Afraid to Make Bold Statements with Your Entrance Design

front doors canada

Many choose to stick with neutral shades to avoid clashing colours and strange, too loud compositions. Despite this, don’t be afraid of experimenting with bold colours. A home with a neutral outside composition can easily be livened up through a daring splash of colour in the front door. Experts also suggest that bright colours tend to feel less bold in the direct sunlight of the outdoors, thereby the bolder, the better for exterior door use.

Choose a Door Colour that Suits Your House Style

three quarters door

If you’ve created an interior design in shades of blue, consider sticking to your plan in the outdoor portion of your home as well. A varying mix of shades can complement the outside of your house in addition to the inside, and a creative front door colour can liven up the first impression of your home’s interior. Also, consider how your current door’s accents will look with the colour. An entry door with a metal exterior and glass inlay may not be as complimented by that bright aubergine as a simple wooden door. For intricate doors, a simple shade might be sufficient, and vice versa for front door styles which are less imposing.

Choose the Right Paint for Your Entry Doors

Bright red double front door Canada

The kind of paint you use will ultimately depend on the quality and style of your door. An older, worn door coated with gloss will bring out the imperfections and holes in the material. For older wooden doors, opt for a matte colour which will dampen and reduce those flaws. Meanwhile, a glossy coat of paint can accentuate the edges around a glass inlay very well. Take time to learn about the material of your door before you paint, as certain kinds of doors are prone to flaking and peeling.

double white door two panel half lite

Your entry door is the key to your home’s statement look. A gorgeous door immediately raises the curb appeal of your home, and is an excellent way to make your house stand out from the others on the street. Milano Windows and Doors is a company that is dedicated to a quality door and window products, as well as their seamless installation. If you’re considering purchasing a new door for your home’s exterior or interior, out company is your single stop for the absolute best quality products.

wooden door with two glass side panels

Milano Windows and Doors is a GTA based company that serves all of Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Maple, Newmarket, Mississauga, Brampton and further. With hundreds of satisfied customers in the GTA, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and excellent services.

Contact us today with any questions you may have about replacing your doors or windows, as well as installation services. Give us a call at 905-597-2977.

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7 Steps to Replace Windows and Doors in your Home

entry doors and windows Toronto

While replacing your windows and doors can seem like a hefty investment, it often pays off fully in the long run. Older windows and doors tend to have air leaks which can cause your monthly heating and cooling bills to be much higher than they should be. Investing in new windows and doors is always a good idea if you are afraid yours are old and are causing your home to be warmer or colder than it should be. If you are already convinced that you want to go about replacing your windows and/or doors but are not sure how, here are the steps you should follow to get proper replacements and installation.

7 Steps to Replace Windows and Doors in Your Home

windows and doors toronto

1. Set a Budget

That you want to stay in. With costs of windows and doors varying wildly, try to set a limit or a number you wish to stay in the vicinity of when buying replacements. This will help quite a bit with the rest of the process as you will know what is the maximum you are willing to spend, and will help you get the most of that money.

toronto window replacement

2. Research

what kind of replacements you want to get. Technological advancements in window pane, glass and door technology have essentially made older windows obsolete. Insulated glass can reduce heat leaks and prevent excess radiation from entering your home. Doors are now made and installed to be leak free and can be equipped with amazing home security systems. Research what is out there on the market and what sort of products you want to purchase so when you are looking to buy you have a clear idea of what you want to invest in.

window installation

3. Go Browsing for Companies

selling and installing doors and windows. Finding a good company that will offer you the best deals in both the product you are buying as well as cost of installation. If you buy from a retailer, chances are you will not be satisfied in the long run. Professional run firms can help you with your purchase and with the process of installing it, negating the need for you to go through the hassle of hiring a contractor.

Measurements Before Windows Installation

4. Make Measurements

on your own. Before buying new windows or doors consider the option of making your window openings larger, adding bay or bow windows to expand your space, or changing from a single door to a double one. There are so many options that you should not limit yourself in your creativity. A beautiful front door can often be the reason a house looks unique and modern.

Consultation Booking

5. Book a Consultation

Most companies will offer free estimates for window and door replacement services. If you are unsatisfied with the price one company offers you, simply move on to the next one in search of a better price.

man carrying a window

6. Set a Date for The Installation

Whether you are replacing just a few details or are re-vamping your entire home, be sure that when you have finally found windows and professionals to install them that you are ready to invest a day in the process of installation itself.

basement window replacement

7. Enjoy

Sit back and enjoyyour new windows and doors.

We hope that this article has helped with your uncertainties regarding window and door replacement. Milano Windows and Doors is a company selling and installing the highest quality doors and windows for the best price. We are dedicated to customer service and guarantee 100% satisfaction. Give us a call to book a free consultation!

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How to Find the Best Company to Replace Your Windows and Doors

new windows and doors installed

Finding a company or a contractor to replace your windows in Toronto area, is always a difficult task in 2021. Professionals specializing in this area are hard to come by, while jacks of all trades are a dime a dozen. Before hiring a contractor, we recommend checking whether they are knowledgeable in window replacement.

wide porch enclosure

Preferably, going through a company which specializes in window replacements is a safer bet, as they hire professionals knowledgeable about the products and how best to install them. Companies which sell windows and doors are likely to offer installation at a reduced price. With thousands of window and door suppliers in the GTA, it is difficult to know who’s who. In order to get your money’s worth, we’ve listed some tips below on how to determine you are buying your products the best Window and Door companies, and that you will get the proper installation services.

7 Steps to Finding the Best Contractor

  1. Look for companies that have been in the business for a long time. A company that has been around for years is likely to sell better products, is more likely to actually have a warranty around years in the future, and will have an established customer base.
  2. Check who the company employs. If the person coming in to install your windows or doors is a contractor, they are less likely to do a good job, and the company is not directly responsible for their performance. Companies that employ technicians directly are more likely to provide a better service.
  3. Product origin – Check where the windows or doors are coming from. A company that manufactures their products directly instead of purchasing them from a third party is more likely to have quality products. However, do not dismiss a company based on their suppliers. Researching the supplier is also a good idea if you want to determine the quality of their products.
  4. Read online reviews. The better reviews the company has, the more satisfied people are with their services. It’s that simple!
  5. Research the installation process. If you are aware of the installation process yourself, you can ensure that the installers will do a good job yourself.
  6. Look for a guarantee. If a company does not guarantee proper installation and warranty for any damage to the products they are selling, it’s not worth spending your money. As doors and windows are meant to last, a lifetime warranty is really what you should be looking for, so that you know any later problems with your newly installed windows or doors will be properly taken care of.
  7. Finally, remember to ask around. Recommendations from the people around you mean much more than the recommendations of strangers on the internet.
window and door installation
triple glass window replacement

Milano Windows and Doors Inc.

Amazing Patio Doors Installation Company

For 100% customer satisfaction, contact Milano Windows and Doors Inc. We are a company that strives for perfection and will not rest until our customers are happy. With a lifetime warranty included in your purchase, guaranteed perfect installation and quality crafted windows and doors available for purchase, there is no way you can go wrong with Milano Windows and Doors Inc.

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