Vinyl Windows Vs Aluminum Windows

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When shopping for windows, homeowners have two choices: vinyl or aluminum. The style you choose for your home depends primarily on what you are looking for in window frames and what you consider important. Choosing the right windows for your home makes a huge difference in the appearance and function of your space. Beautifully designed windows look great and offer a lot of natural lighting.

Compare Vinyl and Aluminum Windows

Windows Installation Cost

Window Cost by Material

Vinyl windows are considerably less expensive than aluminum window models. The PVC material used to make vinyl window frames is cheaper than aluminum. Vinyl windows are also easier to install so homeowners will save on installation fees

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Aluminum and Vinyl Window Aesthetics

Aluminum framed windows are the more preferable choice for most homeowners because the thinner, more contemporary frames look nicer than the bigger, chunkier vinyl frames. Aluminum window frames are also seamless in design whereas vinyl window frames have a very noticeable connection at the corners which some homeowners find unappealing.

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Vinyl frames can be painted in any colour to complement the exterior of your home. On the other hand, aluminum window frames cannot be painted. Instead, they are powder coated by the manufacturer during construction, limiting homeowners to which colour of frame they choose for their exterior. Aluminum frames are also more vulnerable to scratching. If the metal is marked, there is a high risk of rust forming when the aluminum metal is exposed.

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Vinyl and Aluminum Window Installation

Vinyl window frames are more flexible and easier to install. They can be easily manipulated to fit into your window space.

Aluminum frames are more rigid and more difficult to install. They cannot be manipulated into the wall so the opening must match the window size perfectly.

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Aluminum Windows Durability VS Vinyl Windows

Both types of frames are very durable but they also have their own issues and require regular maintenance to lengthen their life cycle.

Aluminum window frames can dent, and rust over time. Once the integrity of the frame is compromised, you are at a higher risk of mold developing as moisture and air seep through the cracks.

Vinyl window frames can warp under extreme weather conditions and separate from your home. Air leaks and heat loss can occur if the openings are not sealed.

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What Windows Are the Most Eco-Friendly?

Aluminum window frames are more environmentally friendly than their vinyl counterparts. Aluminum is a natural metal that is reused and recycled. Vinyl windows are made of PVC and are not biodegradable. There is also some debate over whether or not harmful gases and chemicals are released into the air during and after construction.

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Energy-Efficiency in Windows

Today, vinyl windows are designed to be highly energy efficient so they are better at maintaining your homes inside temperatures.

As a metal, aluminum is a natural heat conductor. Aluminum window frames retain heat and increase your room’s temperature during the summer. Aluminum frames are also more prone to condensation buildup in cooler environments.

There are many factors to consider when shopping for new windows, and that can be challenging to a homeowner. If you’re struggling to find the right type of window for your property, consult a professional. Milano windows experts have seen it all and knows exactly what works for your house and what doesn’t. They can also give you recommendations for a price within your budget.

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