What are the Best Kitchen Windows?

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We spend an awful lot of time in our kitchens – from cooking and eating to entertaining and spending time with family – this is a vibrant room of any household. That’s why a kitchen with windows is so popular. There are a number of different types and elements that affect how to choose the best windows for your kitchen. Check out our guide to help with your decision!

What Should You Look for in Kitchen Windows?

Ease of use – a popular placement for windows in the kitchen are above sinks and countertops. Sure these can provide a view when cooking and doing dishes, but keep in mind that these tighter spaces can affect how a window can open. If you relate to this you should consider giving double-hung windows a shot as the springs and weights make opening them pretty simple.

Air circulation – since we use our kitchens to cook our meals, it is important to have proper air circulation in order to prevent steam and smoke from building up. Some window styles work better when it comes to providing ventilation than others. If you’re an avid cook and are concerned of steam and smoke, casement windows are a great option thanks to their crank opening and air flow features.

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Overall look and design – uniformity is always nice when it comes to windows. Mismatched windows stick out like a sore thumb. A customized look for the window provides styles finishes on both the interior and exterior.

Natural lighting – because we spend so much time cooking, it is important to allow as much natural light in as possible. This is also a great way to make a room appear larger. Large windows are the best way to usher in natural lighting. This will allow you to see exactly what you’re doing when preparing your meals each day.

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Panes and shapes – windows come in different sizes, the traditional square and rectangle, and the less common circular shape. Consider how these might look based on the way your kitchen is laid out. You’ll also have to think about panes – single, double, and even triple. The more panes you have, the more energy efficient.

Size – the size of a window is another factor to weigh. Sure, large ones will allow more light in, but if you have a smaller space, you could be taking up some valuable cabinet space. It is important to carefully plot out where each appliance and potential window will go before beginning any renovations.

Quantity – the amount of windows will play a role in the style you choose. If you want a kitchen with lots of windows, they will likely have to be on the smaller size to accommodate for space.

Material – think of the material you want for your frame – steel, vinyl, aluminum, and wood are the most common.

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Best Options for Windows in Your Kitchen

Casement windows – these windows are very popular and work great in the kitchen. They open with a crank, which allows you to control exactly how much air is entering the home. They are also great for letting in natural sunlight into the home.
Double-hung windows – the most popular type of window in the home, including the best windows for the kitchen, is the double-hung. You can open them from either the top or bottom to control where air enters from. These types of windows even come equipped with safety latches so you won’t have to worry if there are young children in the home.

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Sliding windows – these are another popular choice in the kitchen because they don’t take up much space. Lots of people opt to place them over sinks and counters because they are pretty easy to open. If you have the space for it, sliding patio doors in the kitchen are another great way to usher in immense natural light and fresh air. These doors sit on tracks and slide open and close with ease. Another added benefit is that this provides an additional exit should an emergency situation ever occur.

Garden windows – also known as greenhouse windows, this style of window actually extends past the exterior of your home and has glass on all sides – including on top. This style provides additional space and maximum light for your house plants.

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Awning windows – this is a popular style because it works with a hinge and opens from the bottom, outwards. This means you can have ample ventilation while still being protected during rain events.

Bay windows – if the space permits it, bay windows in the kitchen is something to consider. Three separate panes will create a panoramic like view while allowing significant light into the kitchen.

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How to Plan Out Your New Kitchen

Privacy – if privacy is important to you, you won’t want to plan your kitchen to have any windows facing the roadway or into a neighbour’s home. In instances where this is unavoidable, mirrored film or privacy drapes are always an option. You might want to avoid a kitchen with big windows.

Safety – it’s a good idea to avoid placing windows above any cooking surfaces. This is an unsafe practice as you could potentially burn yourself trying to open or close the window.

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Functionality – windows have historically been placed above kitchen sinks to provide a view while doing dishes. With the advancement in appliance technology and the popularity of the dishwasher, this is less necessary. Newer homes generally won’t do this. When planning out your new kitchen, you’ll want windows in places that are easily accessible.

Location – placement of windows is also something to take into consideration. For instance, if you wanted to keep an eye on the kids while preparing dinner, having a window about the countertop would be a great idea. It’s your kitchen and you can design it however you please – keep this in mind when planning your project.

Choose from the Best Kitchen Windows 

Hopefully, this handy guide helped to provide some clarity when it comes to selecting windows for your kitchen. If you are still unsure or are ready to start your renovation – the good people at Milano Windows and Doors will work with you to deliver the kitchen windows of your dreams.

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