Why Casement Windows Are Better for your Home

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There are a number of reasons why casement windows have been popular in our homes for years. But let’s first answer an important question – what are casement windows? These windows are affixed to the frame by hinges that allow the window to open to a 90-degree angle.

If the hinges are at the top, you’ve got an awning casement window, whereas if it’s at the bottom, this is a hopper casement window. If you’re thinking of upgrading your home’s windows, this option might be just for you. Learn more about the benefits of casement windows and find out if they’re the right choice for your home!

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Provides Exceptional Airflow & Optimizes Ventilation 

Casement windows open much further than traditional sliding windows thanks to their unique design.

This feature brings with it many positives. Being able to open your windows completely allows far more fresh air into your home, which creates a significant amount of airflow throughout.

This means you can ventilate your home with fresh air whenever you’d like! Kitchens and bathrooms are two areas of the home that suit casement windows especially well.

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Adds Architectural Distinction 

Casement windows offer a traditional, yet innovative design detail to your home, which will make it instantly stand out. The eclectic type of window provides a touch of charm that works in all home styles. They first gained popularity in the UK centuries ago and are still beloved to this day.

There are also many customizable options when it comes to casement windows. If you’re looking for unique hinge options, fun colors, and/or a wide selection of glass designs, casement windows are just for you! Homeowners have even opted for beveled or stained glass options for their casement windows.

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High-Security Ratings

The nice thing about casement windows is that they close and seal very well and are exceedingly difficult to open from the outside. Traditional windows can be slid open, which makes your home vulnerable to intruders, while the casement-style window can only open by turning the crank located inside the home.

The casement window is the perfect blend of attractiveness and practicality from a security perspective. You can even go the extra mile and remove the crank from the window, but still keep it in a handy place. This makes it next to impossible to open the window from outside of the home. 

Conversely, casement windows are also easier to exit when met with an emergency situation inside the home. These windows are easier to crawl out of, which makes them especially popular in basements where window space is limited. Knowing your family has an accessible escape route can lend some much-needed peace of mind should a fire ever break out.

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Boosts Energy Efficiency & Performance 

Since casement windows can close much more snugly than the traditional sash windows, they can create an effective seal, which will prevent unnecessary energy loss. This will certainly help lessen the amount of money you spend on your utilities.

The casement window has a mechanism that engages when locked and firmly seals the window in three separate places. It’s also a good idea to inspect the frame of your casement windows from time to time to ensure the weather-stripping is adequately affixed.

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Works Well With Other Window Styles

Another nice aspect of the casement window is that it tends to mix well with different types and styles of windows.

This means you can really get creative and mix casement windows with picture windows, double-hung windows, and non-traditionally shaped windows.

Now, when it comes to figuring out which windows should be casement windows for a maximum functionality standpoint, you should select an area of the home that could benefit from additional airflow.

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Convenience & Accessibility  

Due to their specific way of opening, casement windows are much easier to clean and inspect than the more traditional window styles. The crank style of the opening is also a great feature for people with accessibility issues that cannot push open a heavy or stuck window.

Another benefit is that you have a full, unobstructed view of the great outdoors. Additionally, almost all of the hardware necessary for the casement window is inside the actual frame. 

No other window comes close to a casement style when it comes to opening ability, which is why it also has unmatched ventilation ability. Fixed, sliding, picture, and double-hung windows just can’t compete.

So if opening size is something that is important for you, this is just another reason why you should opt for the casement style. And unlike metal and wooden frames, casement styles last much longer and require far less maintenance. The only thing the homeowner might have to do is tighten the odd screw and oil the hinges!

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Cost-Effective Solution

On top of helping to bring down your energy bill, the casement window also comes with a financially friendly installation solution.

Instead of trying to replace the entire window, there is a chance you could only have to get new parts for your window – like the sash, or maybe the casing around the glass panel.

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Next time someone asks, “Are casement windows better?”, you have the answer! The benefits of casement windows speak for themselves. There is no surprise why they have been around for centuries and will continue to be a popular household feature for years to come.

Fresher air, more money in your pocket, easier maintenance, and increased home security are all reasons why you should contact a professional window installation company like Milano Windows and Doors.

Call today to learn more about casement window options and get your windows installed properly to be on your way to higher, happier standards of living!

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