Why do my Windows Make a Popping Sound?

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Why do windows make a popping sound? You’re probably so familiar with them by now that you just tune them out, but there are measures you can take to correct this. Sure it could be a tree branch tapping on the glass or rain drops rapping against the window – but if your windows are popping, it could be due to one of several reasons.

This is especially true if you find you’re noticing these noises more often on hot summer days. Continue reading to learn more about why your windows are making a popping sound and what you can do about it.

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Poorly Installed Vinyl Siding 

Funny enough, the most common reason why windows make a popping noise has nothing to do with the actual window itself. Oftentimes, these sounds are a result of the vinyl siding used on most homes. This siding can get nailed on too tight, and the vinyl is at mercy of the elements.

Over time this material will expand and contract, and when contracting, if it doesn’t have enough room to breathe, the nails start to physically pop out of place. You can either learn to live with this, or remove the siding from the home and hire a contractor to reinstall it properly.

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Aluminum Cladding on Your Windows

Aluminum cladding can be another reason why you’re experiencing windows popping. Aluminum is a material that naturally collects and releases heat quite well. When soaking in the sun’s rays all day the material can get extremely hot, but when the sun sets for the night it doesn’t take long for the aluminum to cool back down.

The issue is, your windows were physically constructed with this material, so your only solution would be swapping out the aluminum windows with a wood or vinyl made option. These materials are far more capable of handling the rigors of constant cooling and thawing cycles.

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Low-E Glass Windows

Have you recently replaced your windows? Or perhaps you moved into a place that has recently been updated and you find the windows making noise. The culprit here could be Low-E glass – it is a razor-thin, non-toxic, and colourless type of coated glass designed to improve overall energy efficiency in the building’s interior. Unfortunately, these windows don’t work well when used in conjunction with aluminum siding. Because this glass is specifically crafted to reflect heat away from the building in order to maintain a stable interior temperature, the unintended consequence is aluminum siding soaking in this diverted energy.

This heat will cause a sudden spike and drop in temperature, which in turn causes the popping noises. The best way to handle this problem is by replacing the aluminum siding with concrete fiber siding, or a vinyl siding. A more cost-effective solution is to provide shade to the problem areas, the only drawback is that the Low-E windows won’t be as effective at regulating the temperature inside your home.

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Inadequate Window Installation

If you have ruled out the above possibilities and are confident that the popping windows noise is a result of something else, perhaps the sound is coming from the actual window as a result of poor installation.

If the window is installed out of the square, plane, or plumb, additional pressure can be distributed to the window jamb. The jamb will actually bend inwards and start to bow.

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This transfers pressure to the window’s sashes, and as a result, creates a cracking or popping sound. If the improper installation is the reason you’re hearing these popping noises, it isn’t the end of the world.

However, you will have to remove and reinstall the windows properly – correcting this issue will, in turn, correct the popping issue.

Window Repair

There you have it – the four most common reasons for windows making popping noises. Check your vinyl siding – remember, it needs enough room to breathe – or expand and contact – as this material can be affected by the changes in temperature. Are your windows made with aluminum cladding? This material collects and releases heat very quickly, which in turn causes it to expand and contract often.

The only real fix here is to opt for wood or vinyl windows. Check the glass – energy-efficient Low-E glass will divert heat from the sun’s rays to the material surrounding the window. Lastly, was it installed properly? Improper installation can create additional pressure, which in turn, creates popping noises. Regardless of the problem, you can count on Milano Windows and Doors to help correct the problem.

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