What Questions to Ask Window Installers

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Installing or replacing your windows is a bigger project than you may think and ultimately it is one that’s best left up to the professionals. When you look into hiring a window installer for your window installation or your window replacement there are questions to ask when buying replacement windows and hiring. Let us dive into a few of the more important questions to ask a professional before you hire them for installation.

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How much time will my project take considering my timeline, from choosing my windows to the project completion?

Creating a specialized timeline for your project is important and will give you a peace of mind. Factor in the type of window you order (customized ones may take longer), seasonal changes, and design decisions.

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Is there a fee for the estimate?

A lot of installation companies offer a free estimate but it is always best to ask this before you are hit with hidden fees such as this.
With that you will want to ask:

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What are the payment terms? Do you offer payment options?

This will be in the contact however you will want to inquire about payment options and methods of payments that the company accepts. Cash? Credit? Be sure to ask.

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Are you licensed and insured? (do your research here.)

This question is critical and will help to determine the quality of the work on your windows. Check for the needed licenses and certifications required for a professional in your area.

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What type of warranty (if any) do you offer on your installation?

Regardless of how well-done your window project is, there are problems that can arise days, weeks or months later. Organize the contract and contractor information in a safe place at your house and ALWAYS read the fine print.

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Can I get an itemized estimate for my project?

Getting an itemized estimate will help you see where your money is going in terms of parts, labour and possible cleanup options. This brings forth another question: do you offer painting and/or interior finishing within my contract?

Not all window installers offer finishing services which are often required. You should make sure to ask what further services, if any, are included to help keep within your budget and design ideas.

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Are there any specific window types or perhaps a brand you would recommend for my project?

This is a good time to be on the same page as your contractor in terms of your design ideas. Get these preferences along with detailed reasons as to why the contractor does or does not prefer a specific window type or recommend a brand.

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Who will be present during the installation in terms of staff?

Contractors have their own teams and you will want to see who will be in your home, their certifications and their skills.

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Does my window/home project require a permit? Will you obtain that permit for me?

Check your itemized estimate for this, and include the needed permits in your research prior to hiring a contractor.

Taking the time to do your research and ask these questions will ensure the greatest success for your window installation and greatest satisfaction. Keep in a constant contact with your window installer/replacer and maintain a healthy relationship to make sure all these questions are answered.

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