Looking for a professional company that specializes in replacing windows and doors in Pickering? With so many options to choose from, knowing which windows and doors company to hire can be a challenge.

Milano Windows and Doors specializes in quality windows and doors replacement. Over the years, our customers have come to trust us for reliable services and lasting products. We offer a range of windows and doors to fit your budget.

Windows and doors are built to last a long time, but every now and then there is a need to replace them. The decision to install new windows and doors may be due to damage from the elements or the need to upgrade to more eco friendly options. Either way, Milano Windows and Doors has just the right windows and doors for your needs.

We Specialize in Replacement Windows

Pickering window replacement by milano windows & doors

Sometimes homeowners become concerned about window replacement costs and this can be one of the reasons why they put off replacing their windows. But taking a look at what it costs to keep windows that are no longer efficient can help put window replacement costs into perspective.

Windows in good condition should keep the air inside the home from escaping outdoors. Whenever you have windows that are not functioning optimally, you lose a lot of your heated or air-conditioned air to the outside as it seeps through the window. This means that your HVAC system has to work harder and run longer to keep your home at an ideal temperature. This increases your energy costs.

window replacement Pickering

Another reason to consider window replacement is that it is a great way to upgrade your home. Replacement windows can simultaneously increase the value of your home and give you savings on your energy bill.

A great time to consider installing replacement windows is any time you are planning major renovations, or during the warmer months before winter sets. Replacing your windows has numerous benefits, but it is important to make sure you pick the right window replacement company to make sure the job is done well.

We take pride in offering you the best replacement windows on the market at a competitive price. Here are some of the choices we offer:

Casement Windows

Casement replacement window Pickering

Casement windows – these are the most common types of windows in Canada.

Sliding Windows

Single Slider window Pickering

Slider windows – we offer both single and double slider windows.

Picture Windows

Picture replacement Window Pickering

Picture windows – the name of this type of window says it all. They serve as decorative features and do not open.

Awning Windows

Awning windows Pickering

Awning windows – this window type is another hit with our customers. The window opens outwards and upwards and can be left open even during rain.

Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows Pickering

Hung Windows – this is another type of replacement window that can be either single or double hung windows. The upper portion of the window is stationary, while the lower part slides up and down.

Milano windows and doors Pickering

Superior Door Replacement Services in Pickering

The possibilities are endless when it comes to exterior doors. When choosing the right exterior door for you, we can help you determine what kind of door will work best in your case.

There are a lot of factors that go into considering the best option for an entry door. Aside from aesthetics and personal style, climate and durability are also important to consider.

At Milano Windows and Doors, we have just the right solution for your home. Our team of friendly professionals are happy to sit down with you to answer your questions and walk you through our products and services.

Call us today to learn more about our windows and doors replacement services!We proudly offer a wide range of door options at an affordable cost. We stand out above the rest by offering quality selection of wood, steel, glass and fiberglass doors to our valued customers in Pickering. You can count on us to replace your door safely and securely.

We offer an impressive selection of steel doors, iron doors, fiberglass doors and wooden doors.

Fiberglass Doors

exterior door installation Pickering

Fiberglass doors can be stained to give the appearance of a wooden door. While the cost to buy a fiberglass door is more than other types of doors, maintenance costs are far lower than their counterparts.

Steel Doors

front doors replacement Pickering

This type of door is known for its durability and energy efficiency. It can withstand extreme weather conditions with minimal damage and requires little maintenance.

Wood doors

front doors replacement Pickering

These have been on the market for the longest time. In fact, until 50 years ago, wood was the only material used for doors.

Patio Doors in Pickering

patio door installation Pickering

At Milano Windows and Doors, we offer several patio door options for you to choose from made from vinyl, wood, aluminum/steel or fiberglass.

Types of patio doors include:

  • Swinging or French patio doors
  • Folding patio doors
  • Sliding patio doors

We offer triple window glass on window and door installations, and energy-efficient Low-E & Argon. We also offer a financing option with 0% APR! Call us today to find out more about our services! You’ll be glad you called.

Call us today to learn more about our windows and doors replacement services!

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