Double Hung Replacement

    Selecting the right windows for your home can dramatically enhance both the interior and exterior look of your property. It can be hard to decide which window to choose sometimes, as there are so many options that come with so many different benefits. Our professional team at Milano Windows and Doors Inc. would be happy to consult with you and help you choose the best windows for your home.
    The Double Hung window features a window frame and two sashes that are can both move up or down, allowing you to control your room’s ventilation. The traditional appearance and wide range of styles and trims to choose from make double hung windows extremely versatile, and therefore one of the most popular choices for replacement windows in Ontario today.

    Double Hung Window Advantages

    Double hung windows are a simple and smart choice for any household. Some of their advantages include:

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    • In cold seasons, quadruple weatherstripping prevents heat from escaping your home, and vice-versa, it will keep cold inside on hot summer days.
    • Multi-Chamber construction adds additional thermal protection, offering more energy efficiency to your home.
    • You can clean your windows from the inside. Simply raise or lower both sashes and tilt them in, spray with a cleaner and wipe dry (this type of windows is perfect for dusty areas like basements).
    • You have the option to install an air conditioner into it.
    • Unlimited possibilities in term of colours and trim.

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    How much is a double hung window cost?

    Double hung windows on average cost between $200 – $850 depending on specifications

    Why use double hung windows?

    Double-hung windows allow easy fitting/installation of air conditioners and screens. they can safely hold AC units, and allow for their easy removal

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