Double Slider Replacement

    If you are looking for a steadfast window design, then the double slider window is the right choice for you!

    Double slider windows feature two sashes that slide from side to side, allowing more light and air to enter your space. A high number of internal air chambers in the frame provides excellent insulation and energy efficiency. This window style is great for spaces that need proper air flow like bathrooms and kitchens, as well as for rooms where only one window can be installed.

    In other words, it is a perfect combination of security, style, brightness, and ventilation.

    Why Should I Install Double Slider Windows?

    Many homeowners choose to replace their windows with a double slider because of its simplicity, style, and adaptability to any space. Here are some other benefits:

    • They are easy to operate and provide excellent insulation, high energy efficiency, and outstanding sound-absorption.
    • Innovative Insta-Lok technology allows the sashes to glide smoothly across the frame.
    • Allows air circulation from both sides of the window.
    • Perfect option for rooms with limited vertical space.
    • They are easy to clean. Tilt the double slider to get access to the interior and exterior of the glass, then spray with a cleaner and wipe with a dry sheet.
    • Equipped with weatherstripping to ensure no air escapes your home, therefore lowering your heating and cooling bills.
    • A wide range of frame colours, hardware, and grilles to choose from.
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    How much is a double sliding window cost?

    Homeowners can expect to pay between $200 – $1050 to depending on the spec

    What are the benefits of owning a sliding window?

    Fewer moving parts is great news for energy efficiency, but it also means sliding windows have lower maintenance requirements.

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