Fixed Casement Replacement

    A fixed casement window has the same functionality as casement window, the only difference is that the fixed casement cannot be opened. It is a popular practice to combine fixed casements with other types of windows. Give our experts at Milano Windows and Doors a call to learn more.

    Fixed Casement Windows for Office or Retail Spaces

    These type of windows are ornamental and mostly used to provide sunlight while avoiding unsupervised opening. For example, these windows are popular for businesses, retail stores, high-rise building, or as a bay window design. They are crafted with a weather-tight seal to provide year-round comfort.

    Advantages of Fixed Casement Windows

    The fact that fixed casement windows remain stationary give them many advantages:

    • Tough and durable due to sash corners and a 3¼” fusion-welded frame
    • ¾” double quality glass with warm edge S-Class super spacer
    • Superior insulation thanks to a high-quality frame and triple weather stripping
    • Casement windows are perfect for s large opening without any frames to block your view
    • They are static, and due to the multi-chambered configuration they offer maximum water and air intrusion resistance
    • Minimal maintenance required
    • They come in a wide range of colours to match any style

    Choosing Milano Windows and Doors Inc.

    When you choose Milano Windows as your window installer, you are choosing quality, transparent pricing, dedicated workers and guarantees. Our products are sold with a transferable lifetime warranty that includes any defects in the windows and doors installed and any flaking, blistering, peeling, corrosion, or fading of the vinyl frames. Give us a call today to learn how can you implement fixed casement windows into your home or office.

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    What is fixed casement window?

    A fixed casement window cannot be opened like a regular casement. It is a window that is used to allow sunlight into the room

    How much do casement windows cost?

    Cost to install casement windows will depend on window specifications and average local costs, but on average homeowners can expect to pay $325 to $480 per fixed casement window

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