Wood vs Steel vs Fiberglass Doors

Looking for a replacement door for your home? With so many options on the market, knowing which front door material is best can be challenging. Entry doors serve multiple purposes and are both functional and aesthetic. Your entry door should keep your home secure and prevent intruders from gaining access to your home. Aesthetically, your front door should contribute to your home’s exterior appeal by either blending with the exterior design, or standing out as a statement piece.

The type of entry doors you choose for your home should be the right fit for your home. Entry doors are more than just the front door, they can be integrated into your home’s design as patio doors, side doors and back doors.

Many homeowners wonder which is better, a wood or steel front door? Or maybe fiberglass? When considering the right type of entry door, you want one made out of material that is strong and serves your priorities. You also want one that holds up well in the climate you live in and is an overall great fit for your home.

Some of the major points to consider when you’re shopping for a front door replacement are:

Energy Efficiency

Having an energy-efficient front door helps you save on your energy costs.

So entry doors with good energy efficiency are an excellent choice for you since they are designed to prevent warm indoor air from escaping during the wintertime and cool air from seeping out during the summer months.

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How easy it is to install a replacement door can depend on the type of door you choose. Go for an exterior door that will fit easily into your door frame when replacing your current door.

If you choose a replacement door that is larger or smaller than your old door, the door framing will need to be redone, which may add to your installation costs.

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Your front door provides security for your home and having one with enhanced security features and a quality lock can help deter home invaders.

You want an exterior door that is strong and allows you to place additional security features like deadbolts or other reinforcement to enhance security.

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Exterior Doors Steel vs Fiberglass vs Wood

When comparing wood vs fiberglass vs steel doors, what is the best front door material?

Taking a look at the various types of materials entry doors are made of can help you determine which one is best for you.

The three main types of materials for front doors are wood, steel and fiberglass.

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Wood Door Pros

Wood is the most traditional type of entry door and has remained a popular choice over the years. Wood doors are admired for their beauty, strength, and versatility.

Since they are popular on the market, you’re guaranteed a wide selection of wood doors. Some of the types of wood used for entry doors include oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir, and pine.

Wood doors are an excellent choice because they are less susceptible to wear and tear and do not dent easily. They’re also easy to repair if they do get scratches on them.

Another benefit is that wood is naturally energy-efficient, which goes a long way in maintaining the temperature within your home.

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Wood Door Cons

While wood doors have quite a number of benefits, they do have their drawbacks.

For one, wood is naturally porous, which means that it expands and contracts based on changes in humidity and temperature outdoors. This can cause warping.

Another drawback is that wood can rot if it is exposed to moisture. That said, it should be noted that there are ways to combat these less desirable properties of wood.

Wood doors also require maintenance. You will need to sand, stain, or repaint your door every few years.

If you live in an area with plenty of rainfall or humid weather, you will need to perform maintenance more frequently.

Another con is that wood doors are typically more expensive than steel or fiberglass options.

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Steel Door Pros

If security and durability are high on your priority list, then a steel door is your best choice.

Steel is a stronger material than wood and is less affected by weather elements. Steel does not expand or contract in response to varying temperatures, meaning it will not easily crack or warp.

And should there be any dents in your steel door, they can be easily repaired.

Steel doors are also one of the most affordable choices on the market and have risen in popularity in recent years, dominating about half of the market. Steel doors require very little maintenance and are energy efficient.

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Steel Door Cons

Steel doors do not possess the elegance and sophistication wood doors to have.

Some steel doors have a polyester finish which will need repainting or recoating periodically.

Steel is prone to rust, making it a less than ideal material if you live in an area that is humid or receives a lot of rain.

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Fiberglass Door Pros & Cons

Despite being the newest material for entry doors, fiberglass is quickly becoming one of the leading materials for entry doors.

Manufacturers of fiberglass use modern technology to improve entry doors and make up for some of the disadvantages that come with other types of entry doors i.e. wood and steel.

Fiberglass is not prone to rust like steel, nor is it prone to rot like wood is. In fact, fiberglass doors are low maintenance, resistant to dents, and strong.

They also provide the best installation when compared to wood and steel – a huge plus for homeowners who would like to see savings on their monthly utility bills. Fiberglass offers plenty of versatility. And when it comes to a custom look, you can either paint or stain your fiberglass door.

These types of doors are also very affordable. Conversely, one of the main disadvantages of fiberglass doors is that extreme impact can make them crack.

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