Windows and doors are fundamental accents to your home that provide many benefits. It is vital to ensure that both accents are up to date and functioning correctly. Doing so has many advantages for your home. The many bonuses of new windows include energy efficiency that will save you money, increased property value, and a better overall environment for your home. So what about doors?

Just like windows, new doors also offer an array of benefits including enhanced security, curb appeal, and superior durability. There’s no use in delaying the upgrade because the investment will benefit you in the long run. And Milano Windows & Doors is here to make it happen.

Windows Replacement in Thornhill

So you’re ready for a window upgrade? You’re probably wondering if it’s the right time and how to get started. Luckily Milano Windows & Doors is here to answer all your questions. Before committing to anything, make sure your windows are indeed in need of replacement. Some things to look out for include foggy and drafty windows, rotten panes, and difficulty opening and closing windows. If this sounds familiar, it’s likely time for a replacement.

Our large selection of replacement windows is sure to fit into your home. We offer the following:

Casement Windows

Casement replacement window Thornhill

Casement windows are highly energy efficient model that opens on the side with a crank handle.

Sliding Windows

Single Slider window Thornhill

Sliders open the window from side-to-side. Homeowners can choose between single, double, or vent sliding windows.

Picture Windows

Picture replacement Window Thornhill

Picture windows – the name of this type of window says it all. They serve as decorative features and do not open.

Awning Windows

Awning windows Thornhill

Awning windows open upwards and outwards from top hinges.

Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows Thornhill

Hung windows are installed vertically and have sliding glass sashes that move up and down rather than side-to-side. They are made with single or double sliding glass sashes.

Milano windows and doors Thornhill

Exterior Doors in Thornhill

Fiberglass Doors

exterior door installation Thornhill

Fiberglass doors are durable, energy efficient, and versatile. Designed to look like wood, fiberglass doors withstand all weather elements and are well insulated.

Steel Doors

front door replacement Thornhill

Steel doors are long-lasting, durable, and low maintenance. The energy efficient steel doors are well insulated, fire retardant, and provide a high level of security.

Wood doors

exterior doors Thornhill

up until about 50 years ago, wood was the only material used for doors. Wood doors are aesthetically appealing and give an elegant look to a home. They provide great insulation if maintained well.

front doors replacement Thornhill

Exterior door upgrades are something most people often overlook. Having a beautiful, secure door goes a long way. If you are unsure of when to upgrade, look out for signs such as difficulty opening and closing, rust and visible damage, and noticeable drafts coming in through your door. Don’t worry if this sounds familiar, Milano Windows & Doors is here to simplify the process. We offer a wide selection of doors made of a variety of materials to fit into your home. Our catalog of exterior doors includes:

  • Stainless steel decorative elements
  • 4-panel exterior doors
  • Flush doors
  • 2-panel camber top doors
  • 6-panel exterior doors
  • & So much more
patio door installation Thornhill

Patio Doors in Thornhill

Installing a high-quality patio door offers plenty of perks. Energy-efficiency, improved traffic flow, and increased natural lighting are some of the many advantages to patio doors. Ready to install your patio door? Milano Windows & Doors is here to supply and install the perfect door for you. Our great selection of patio doors includes:

  • Aluminum patio doors
  • PVC patio doors
  • Hybrid doors
  • Welded PVC doors

Whenever you are ready to replace your old windows or doors, give us a call to receive a free quote and in-home consultation. We can’t wait to bring our award-winning services to your home!

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