Finding a windows and doors company in Whitby that offers you superior products and remarkable service just got easier. At Milano Windows and Doors, our priority has always been to provide homeowners across Ontario with affordable windows and doors without compromising quality.

Windows and doors replacement is our specialty. We handle everything from beginning to end. So if you own a home in Whitby and need to install new windows and doors, Milano Windows and Doors is your best choice.

Whitby Window Replacement Experts you can Trust

There’s so much more to windows than many people realize. Recent technology has allowed windows to do far more than they have traditionally known for in the past. There was a time when windows were only appreciated for the view they provided.

window replacement Whitby

Today, windows can be effective in eliminating some of the UV rays that enter the home and are increasingly more efficient in keeping cold air out and warm air in during the winter, and vice-versa during summers. This has enormous benefits in the long run because many homeowners are able to save on their energy consumption costs because they have eco-friendly and energy-efficient windows.

Replacing windows in your home is a sizable investment. This is why it’s important to have a qualified windows and doors company to not only offer you top-quality windows, but will also install them correctly. You can purchase great windows, but if they are incorrectly installed, you will lose out on the benefits of having them.

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At Milano Windows and Doors, we don’t cut corners. Every member of my team is certified, insured, and trained on best practices used in the industry. We have great confidence in our team and guarantee that your replacement windows will be installed the right way. We also take care during the installation process to prevent damage to your home.

Our goal is to offer every single customer highly efficient windows while keeping window replacement costs affordable. We have a wide selection of casement, awning, single or doubles slider windows, and much more!

Replacement Windows in Whitby, ON

Did you know that windows were considered a luxury in the late 1600s? We couldn’t imagine a home without windows! And since we know the value they bring to a home, we offer a choice selection of replacement windows just for you.

Casement Windows

Casement replacement window Whitby

Casement windows – These are the most popular choice because they are low-maintenance and have energy-saving benefits.

Sliding Windows

Single Slider window Whitby

Slider windows – We offer both single and double slider windows.

Picture Windows

Picture replacement Window Whitby

Picture windows – The name of this type of window says it all. They serve as decorative features and do not open.

Awning Windows

Awning windows Whitby

Awning windows – Many of our customers love these windows because they open outwards and upwards, allowing for good ventilation and can be left open even during the rain.

Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows Whitby

Hung Windows – this is another type of replacement window that can be either single or double hung windows. The upper portion of the window is stationary, while the lower portion can be slid up and down.

Milano windows and doors Whitby

Trust us to handle your window replacement needs. We’ll guide you on how to measure for replacement windows and help you choose the best option for you.

Exterior Doors in Whitby

front door replacement Whitby

Like windows, doors offer far more than meets the eye. Entry doors are important to the structural Integrity of your home. That’s why it’s so important that you have a front door that is in good condition. Any sign of weakening of an entry door means that it’s time for the door to be replaced.

Over the years, doors have evolved. There was a time when wood was the only material used for doors. Now various types of materials are used to make doors. There are pros and cons to each type whether it be steel doors, fiberglass doors, wood door or glass doors.

At Milano Windows and Doors, we know that every single customer has a preference and there are various factors that need to be taken into account when choosing the best store for your home. Glass is great for patio doors but may not be the best choice for a front door. Just like a steel or a wood door may be perfect for your front door but not as a garden door.

There are many options on the market and our team is happy to sit down and explain the benefits of each one. When you come to us, we will prioritize your needs and offer solutions that are not only a great choice for your home, but budget friendly as well.

Fiberglass Doors

Whitby front door replacement

Fiberglass doors are often mistaken for wood doors because they can be stained to achieve a similar appearance. While fiberglass doors tend to cost more upfront, maintenance costs are lower than other types of doors.

Steel Doors

exterior doors Whitby

These doors hold up better than other doors in extreme weather conditions, require little maintenance, and are often a preferred choice for commercial buildings.

Wood doors

Whitby windows and doors

These doors are aesthetically appealing and bring an element of sophistication and elegance to a home. They are long-lasting and offer great insulation.

Patio Doors

patio door installation Whitby

There’s nothing like picturesque patio doors that lead to your patio. At Milano Window and Doors, we offer several patio door options for you to choose from made from vinyl, wood, aluminum/steel or fiberglass.

Types of patio doors include:

  • Swinging or French patio doors
  • Folding patio doors
  • Sliding patio doors

Milano Windows and Doors is your trusted window and door installation professionals in Whitby. We offer triple window glass on window and door installations, and energy-efficient Low-E & Argon. We also offer a financing option with 0% APR!

Call us today to find out more about our services!

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